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Here are the 20 craziest mansions in the United States


#19: Asherwood, Indiana: 43,517 sq ft

The Indiana mansion, Asherwood stands within a 107-acre estate of land which also holds an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts and two swimming pools. The property was owned by the late US shopping magnate Mel Simon, but has since been passed on to his widow, Bren Simon.

The interiors are classically decorated, with polished floors, gold detailing and deep wood paneling along the walls. In the library, a balcony looks out over the ground floor seating area that has floor-to-ceiling windows with garden views.

A separate guest house allows visitors some space to themselves, while the clubhouse and private theatre add an extra luxe touch. The theatre’s cinema chairs are upholstered in red velvet and sit alongside ornately carved walls all beneath a magnificent painted ceiling.

There are seven bedrooms in the mansion and a number of luxurious bathrooms providing space for some decadent relaxation. In this bathroom, marble covers the floors, walls, and ceilings, matching the generous marble bathtub. A piece of art in the style of a stained glass window adds to the regal feel.


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